Our business grade ADSL2+ uses Australia's largest network
giving you fast, reliable & affordable access to the internet.


Our network has been designed specifically for businesses, is un-contented and managed in real time. Our Australian based support team are all engineers in their own right so should you ever have questions about your internet service, they will be able to help quickly and knowledgeably. 

Benefits of ADSL2+ include;

  • Static IP Address for Networking
  • Uptime Guarantee of 99.6%
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • FREE Upgrade to Higher Plan Anytime
  • Pre-Configured Modem/Router
  • Australia based technical support team

We can provide 20Mbps/1Mbps plans, with various data allowances. It's important to note that our 20Mbps plan speed is provided on a "best effort" basis, and the actual speed can vary depending on factors such as line quality and distance from exchange. Typical speeds range from 5Mbps to 18Mbps.