Inbound numbers can improve the way you manage inbound
calls to your business using advance virtual call handling functionality.
Great for marketing & national presence like 1300 PIZZA HUT.


Choose to receive calls according to your rules: To a landline during the day or maybe to a mobile at night. You promote one number and you decide how and where to receive the calls.

  • One number Australia wide
  • Route calls according to where they come from
  • Route calls according to the time of day
  • Receive calls on landlines & mobiles
  • Hassle free relocation - no reprinting stationery
  • Emergency diversion - quickly and easily reroute your calls should your phone lines have a fault

Even without a PABX phone system, a 13, 1300 or 1800 number allows you to route calls according to the rules you set. Set them up according to the state the calls come from, the time of day they’re made and more. It’s your choice.