sip tRUNKS

An extremely cost effective way to take advantage of business grade
VoIP Technology using a SIP enabled PABX phone system


The IP in SIP refers to Internet Protocol, but there’s IP and there’s IP. Today’s largest companies carry their voice calls over IP, but via a private network not the public internet. That means call quality can be guaranteed and backed up with Service Level Agreements. 

  • Suitable for Medium to Large Businesses with an IP PBX
  • Cheaper Calls, Connection Fees and Line Costs
  • FREE Calls between Offices
  • Excellent Call Quality over a Private Network
  • Modern Alternative to ISDN Channels
  • Available in 2 line multiples (2,4,6,8,10 etc)
  • Direct Indial Number Range in Batches of 10
  • Number portability so if you are looking to move to SIP from ISDN, then you can bring your numbers with you
  • Business continuity to support your disaster recovery strategies as alternative routing can be automatically implemented in emergency situations


Our SIP Trunks work with a wide variety of SIP enabled PBXs and Gateways - good news if you have already invested in a system. Down the track, if you want to upgrade to a fully hosted solution we can help you with a seamless and simple upgrade.