My Account

Receive My Account

There are three ways to view your monthly bill with us. Our billing cycle is from the 28th to the 27th of each month, so you should expect to receive your bill around the beginning of the month.

  • Email Bill

    Email Bill (PDF)

    We prefer to email our bills to you as a PDF - it helps to make savings that we can pass on to you and means we all do our biit for the planet. If you haven't already done so, Contact Us to setup this option.

  • Paper Bill

    Paper Bill

    You should expect to receive a paper bill in the post a couple of days after email bills get sent. You can choose to receive both a paper and email bill if that helps.

  • Online Bill

    Online Bill

    You can view and download a PDF copy of your current and previous bills online by logging in to My Account.

Analyse My Account Online

Please contact us to arrange login details so you can manage your account online. Once you have access you can:

  • View unbilled calls - see what calls you've made in the current month and their cost.
  • Analyse your current amd previous phone bills
  • Check your internet usage - Keep an eye on your data usage to avoid any excess data charges.
  • View call reports
    • Summary by Call Duration
    • Most Frequently Called Numbers
    • Summary by Departments
    • Most Expensive Calls
    • Summary by Date
    • Longest Phone Calls
    • Summary by Hour of Day
    • International Call Spend


Pay My Account

To avoid any late payment fees, please ensure you pay your bill by the 15th of each month. We offer a variety of ways to pay your bill:


Download an Auto-Pay Form from our Downloads page and fax it to us to setup a automatic debit from either a bank account or credit card.You can choose to pay buy any other method as long as payment is received by three 15th, otherwise we'll simply debit it from your chosen account or card.


Pay online with internet banking. Just enter the biller code below and your Customer Reference number on your bill.

Biller Code: 707364
Ref: see your bill

Pay Online with a Credit or Debit Card

Pay by credit or debit card online, 24/7. Just click on 'Pay My Bill'. Enter your email address and a receipt will be sent for your records.

Pay over the Phone with a Credit or Debit Card

Simply call us to pay your bill day or night. A receipt number will be provided for your records.

Direct Deposit

Westpac Banking Corporation BSB : 032-002  Account No: 483217
Please ensure you use your account number as the reference number so we can track your payment.

Australia Post

Please present your payment slip at any Post Office where cash, cheque or credit card will be accepted using the bar code.


Detach the payment slip from the bottom of the bill and return it together with your cheque made out to 'Telcoinabox' (our payment processing service).